"Bitch of Rome Entertainment aimation teaser trailer"

Animated mashup teaser trailer for Bitch of Rome Entertainment.

Released: August 17, 2012

Clips from: ReBoot, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus, Kim Possible, Class of the Titans, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, X-Men Evolution, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), The Transformers, The Secret of NIMH, She-Ra: Princess of Power, The Last Unicorn, The Little Mermaid, X-Men (1992), Justice League, Conan: The Adventurer, Batman: The Animated Series, The Lion King, Futurama, Gargoyles, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Darkwing Duck, Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron, Spawn, Beast Wars, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
Music: "The Blitz (Speed, No Snare)" and "Titans" by X-Ray Dog

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Bitch of Rome Entertainment trailer


Bitch of Rome Entertainment animation trailer

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Bitch of Rome Entertainment teaser